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Catch the new wave: Performance

In contrast to traditional performance management,  Performance Enablement means to give people all the means they need to excel at work & reach their full potential, 'enable' your employees. This aligns with what great talents are looking for nowadays - personal growth and fulfillment in life. Therefore, it is crucial for business leaders to get acquainted and know how to best execute this emerging trend. Grove HR has partnered with inter-generational experts and well-seasoned HR leaders across the region to give you the most practical insights.


Benefits & challenges

What makes Performance Enablement so 'now', what is in store for companies who can make the leap and the challenges to look out for.

Leading examples

Learn how General Electric, Netflix, IBM, and Facebook are leading the Performance Enablement cards, each with their unique ways to empower their employees.

How to go 'enable'

Get the ultimate guide from 6 generational experts and well-seasoned HR leaders about switching from performance management to Performance Enablement.


This Playbook will help you

  • Understand the concept of Performance Enablement and what makes it a must for businesses in these upcoming years.
  • Take precious lessons from 4 case studies from 4 global giants who have broken this new ground for us.
  • Know the 3 biggest challenges you should face as an SMB in developing countries when trying to go 'Performance Enablement'.
  • Get the 9 key insights to become performance enabling from the great minds of international experts & HR leaders.


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