This program has ended in December 2020, please visit our website for more information about other programs.

Grove HR support for the COVID-19 outbreak

To support your business during the outbreak, you can now start using Grove HR for free, FOREVER.

The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has shaken the entire world, and is still causing confusion and damage across countries, industries, and communities.

A recent McKinsey study of the COVID-19’s implications shows that the situation may get worse and that an economic prolonged contraction is possible. In other words, all businesses must react NOW and prepare for the post-crisis.

Small and medium businesses are probably the most heavily impacted by this. We want to offer our modest support to help you go through these difficult times.

How can we support you during this crisis?

Special Edition
  • Unlimited access to all the features built in 2020 for free.

  • No limits of user accounts, employee records, or storage.

  • Keep this Special Edition for free - FOREVER

Get started

Beside Grove web app for both HR professionals and employees, Grove also offers a native app for everyone in your company to connect, engage and be more productive.

To help you go through this crisis while preparing for the recovery, we offer an extended free trial of our HR Foundations Plan.

The Special Edition will help you stay engaged with your workforce through the company news on the Employee Mobile App. Keeping a close connection with everyone while everybody must work from home is key to going through these difficult times.  

Also, you can create and assign specific checklists to different members/teams to make sure that important things are taken care of and being tracked - such as checklists to help employees prepare to work from home and so on. 

These are simple examples you can take advantage of immediately.

Finally, we keep improving the product to serve the community better. More updates are coming and you will have access to all of them - for free. 

Looking forward

In the midst of these unprecedented changes, we hope that you, your family and beloved ones will be safe. We believe that we will all go through this successfully if we stand as a community, helping each other and act responsibly to minimize the impact of the outbreak.


Note: Due to the nature of the program (it’s free), certain terms and conditions apply. Please visit the Terms & Conditions of the program for more information.


What are included in the free plan? All robust modules for your HR efficiency.

Grove HR focuses on improving your HR efficiencies, elevating employee experience while simplifying HR processes across the employee journey.

Core HR

From centralizing employee record to managing employee time-off, Grove helps HR teams operate effortlessly and make spreadsheets history - all in one place.

Employee Movile App

With the Employee Mobile App, now everyone can connect, engage and collaborate anytime, anywhere.


Automate your internal onboarding processes while making a great first impression on your new employees.


Automatically receive candidates, easily organize your hiring pipeline and speed up your offering process.